About MKN

Welcome to My Korean Notebook- your daily dose of Korean language. I have been learning Korean for a couple of years now and it’s very frustrating how I can’t speak the language while it’s easier to write and understand people speak it, though still not perfectly. Then I realized, perhaps I should step up and find out what is wrong with my way of learning.

Just like you, I am learning it myself and I rely hugely on grammar books, blogs, and video channels. Most of them focus more on translation and less on nuance which is one of the reasons why we struggle. English is a language of message while Korean is a language of nuance. What is true to English may not be true to Korean, and vice-versa. Korean has a lot of verb connectors and endings that completely change the meaning of a sentence. Hence, it is very important to analyze patterns by paring them with another. You’ll see the diversity and beauty of Korean language.

Vocabulary is also different and particles play a huge role in a sentence. Verbs are very important in Korean that a sentence may consist of a verb alone. Instead of words, learn verbal phrases that include nouns and particles such as /, /,(), etc.  Lastly, learn Korean as if you are a Korean and try to understand the language more through your native language.