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햇볕에 타다 to get a sunburn
머리가 햇볕에 타서 크림 바르고 있어.
My head got a sunburn so I am applying some cream.

철이 들다 to be mature/grow up
자기 행동을 보니까 철이 많이   같아.
Looking at your behavior, I think you have grown up.

답안지를 베끼다 to copy one’s test paper
답안지를 베꼈니?
Did you cheat?

안부 전하다 to send one’s regards to someone
우리 엄마가 안부 전해달라셔.
My mother sends her love.

 반복하다 to keep saying the same thing over and over again
너도 같은  반복 많이 하잖아.
You always say the same thing over and over again too.

퇴학 당하다 to get expelled (from school)
I heard she got expelled.

술에 취하다 to get drunk
다들 술에 취해서 이제 집에 가는 거죠.
Everyone got drunk and is now going home.

분위기 죽이다 to kill the mood
분위기 죽이지마.
Don’t kill the mood.

00 바람 피다 to have an affair with someone
  남자랑 바람 피지?
You are having an affair with that guy right?

 보다 to buy groceries
유모차에 준수를 데리고  보라 갔어.
I took Junsu grocery shopping in a stroller.

00흉내를 내다 to act as someone/impersonate
저번에 교장 흉내를 냈을 
The last time I acted as principal…

00  동갑이다 to be the same age as someone
저와 동갑이야.
He is the same age as me.

냉장고 채우다 to fill the refrigerator
냉장고부터  채우세요.
Please fill in the refrigerator first.

바늘에  끼다 to thread the needle
바늘에   껴줄래  보이네.
Can you thread the needle for me? I really can’t see.

놀림 받다 to be made fun of
아빠가 버스 운전 기사여서 놀림 받았었대.
He was made fun of because his dad was a bus driver.