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MKN 100 Grammar Notes ($5)

If you are new to the world of Korean language learning, this file is highly recommended for you. It contains detailed explanation on basic grammar, terms differences, cross-examination of Korean and English language, and many more! Each lesson is filled with tons of sample sentences designed to help you get familiar with Korean. Get this one for free when you purchase All-500 Patterns or All-600 Patterns)

MKN 100 Sentence Patterns Seasons 1-6 ($5 each)

If you are into patterns and nuances, this series of files is perfect for you! Each file contains 100 useful Korean sentence patterns which you will never find in most Korean language textbooks. Each note begins with a quick explanation on the pattern formation, usage, and nuance. They are explained in a way not only grammarians would understand, but in a way everyone would pick up right away through simple terms- the same goal Sejong the Great had in mind when creating Hangeul or the Korean writing system. Situations and background stories are added when necessary to help you understand the hidden nuance, plus lots and lots of sample sentences!

Patterns 001-100
Patterns 101-200
Patterns 201-300
Patterns 301-400
Patterns 401-500
Patterns 501-600

MKN 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600

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