You can also buy a copy of My Korean Notebook files, unlock all notes and learn Korean at your fingertip, right away. Here are available items you can choose from.


A. MKN 100 Korean Sentence Patterns (Units 1-7)- $5/each
If you are into patterns and nuances, this series of files is perfect for you! Each file contains 100 useful Korean sentence patterns used widely in spoken language. Each note includes pattern formation, usage and nuance which are explained the simplest way possible. Enjoy the sensible and realistic sample sentences you can use in your daily Korean life. (Total number of pages: approximately 1 page per lesson) CLICK HERE TO SEE TABLE OF CONTENTS!

Patterns 001-100
Patterns 101-200
Patterns 201-300
Patterns 301-400
Patterns 401-500
Patterns 501-600
Patterns 601-700
B. MKN 700 Korean Sentence Patterns- $21
Grab all 700 sentence patterns in one huge file and save a whopping $14! Yes, we compiled all of them for you and you can have them all right now. Total number of pages: 721 (approximately one page per lesson). CLICK HERE TO SEE TABLE OF CONTENTS!
C. MKN 100 Grammar Notes- $7
Remember the old MKN blog? We have saved your favorite notes and compiled them into one file. It was first published on June 2017 and it is still available for beginners like you. It contains basic grammar, comparison of terms, many-ways-to-say-something, personal analyses and cross-examination of Korean and English. It is perfect for understanding the nature and structure of Korean language. It is very detailed and contains lots of sample sentences. Total number of pages: 208 (font size 12) CLICK HERE TO SEE TABLE OF CONTENTS!

D. MKN 500 Korean Vocabulary- $7
Enrich your vocabulary with this long list of Korean verb and verb phrases from our word bank. It only includes a combination of nouns and verbs and a few single-word verbs which are unusual but so natural in Korean. For example, we use 씻다 to say to wash one's face, but we do not use 씻다 to say to wash one's hair. We use 감다 instead. It is the same verb we use to say to close one's eyes. Discover the fascinating nature of Korean words here. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE LIST!
E . MKN 700 Korean Sentence Patterns + MKN 100 Grammar Notes- $25
Save $17 in total when you purchase items B and C altogether.
F. MKN 700 Korean Sentence Patterns + MKN 500 Korean Vocabulary- $25
Save $17 in total when you purchase items B and D altogether.
G. MKN 700 Korean Sentence Patterns + MKN 100 Grammar Notes + MKN 500 Korean Vocabulary- $30
Save $19 in total when you purchase items B, C, and D altogether.
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