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This file is a compilation of this blog's 700 sentences patterns which you will never find in any grammar textbooks or anywhere on the internet. Each note contains pattern formation, usage and nuance which are explained the simplest way possible. Enjoy the sensible and realistic sample sentences you can use in your daily Korean life. These patterns are 100% widely used in spoken language.

This file is highly recommended for beginners. It contains 100 basic but highly detailed lessons from our old blog. Aside from grammar, you can also learn about comparison of terms, many-ways-to-say-something, personal analyses and cross-examination of Korean and English. It is perfect for understanding the nature and structure of Korean language- just everything you need to know. Enjoy lots of sample sentences too!

This is not your usual single-word vocabulary as it only includes verb phrases (noun-verb combination) which are unusual but very natural in Korean. A single verb in Korean can represent a couple of English verbs. For example, 감다 can be used to say to close one's eyes, but it can also mean to wash one's hair. Moreover, a single verb in English can be expressed in more than one way in Korean. For example, we use 세수하다 to say to wash one's face, but we do not use 씻다 to say to wash one's hair. We use 감다 instead. Discover this fascinating  mystery and nature of Korean words here.