Annyeong! My name is Jaebeom and Welcome to My Korean Notebook- your guide to Korean sentence patterns and nuances. If you are fed up with textbook-style language learning, it's time to switch to real-life language patterns that focus on nuance. This blog is designed to help you re-set your mind the Korean way in order to learn Korean more effectively. Like any other languages, Korean is spoken the way its native speakers think. The reason why you end up sounding awkward even after so many years of learning the language is because you based what you say on your first language. Basic sentences might be structured similarly, but as you go deeper into the language, they just become two totally different entities. There are many ways to kill a lion so does expressing yourself in Korean. There are various ways to say one thing which can be subtle at times. Moreover, a certain pattern may give off a totally different nuance when used as a statement and a question. A small change in the verb-ending will change the meaning of the sentence dramatically. Hence, this blog came to life to help you explore this uniqueness of Korean language.


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