Learn Korean: The 몇 Questions

I talked about the five WH-Questions in Korean last time. They are 누구무엇어디언제, and . As I went over my notes today, I took notice of this particular word because it seems flexible in such a way that it can work as what, how, and which depending on the word that follows it. It might confuse you so I listed down a few interrogative sentences by category and I hope this can give you a clearer picture on the usage of "".

 as WHAT

What grade are you in?

What time is it?

지금   공부하고 있어요?
What lesson are you studying now?

오늘  일이에요
What day is it today?

 as HOW

집에 방이   있어요
How many rooms are there in your house?

일본어 수업에 학생이   있어요
How many students are there in the Japanese class?

하루에   식사를 해요
How many times do you eat your meal per day?

Note: , and  are counters for things, people, and behavior. You can replace them with other counters depending on what you are counting. For instance, we use  for books and  for cars.

How old are you?


네가  층에 살아
Which floor do you live?