Many Ways to Say TIME in Korean

One important word that can be translated in many ways in Korean is time. If we look it up, we will most likely see the word 시간, but there are actually a number of ways we can express it in Korean. 시간 is used in the first example below and the rest are phrases with particles (이, 으로, 에, etc.) Take a look at these 10 ways to say time in Korean with sample sentences.

*시간이 있다/없다 
(to have or not to have time)

내일 시간이 없어요.
I don't have time tomorrow.

(for the first time)

 드라마를 처음으로 봤어요.
I watched that drama for the first time.

(that time)

그때  취했잖아.
That time, I was drunk (as you know).

(this time)

이번엔 달라요.
It's different this time.

(next time)

다음에 .
See you next time.

(for a long time)

석진이가 오랫동안 샤워  했어요.
Seokjin haven't showered for a long time.

(to have a good time)

오늘 즐거웠어?
Did you have a good time today?

*Verb + () 때마다
(every time/whenever)

 사람을  때마다 기분이 나빠.
I feel bad every time I see that person.

(a long time ago)

옛날에 우리 나라에 왕이 있었어요.
My country had a king a long time ago.

(on time)

여기 버스가 항상 정각에 도착해요.
The bus here always arrives on time.