Many Ways to Say FROM in Korean

Let's take a look at different ways we can say from  in Korean language.

1. 에서

저는 미얀마에서 왔어요.
I am from Myanmar. (origin)

창원에서 진주까니는 1시간 걸린  같아.
I think it takes an hour from Changwon to Jinju. (distance)

온도는 35도에서 영하 10도까지 차이 나요.
The temperature ranges from 30 degrees to negative 10 degrees. (range)

나무잎들은 초롱에서 빨강으로 바꿨어요.
The leaves turned from green to red. (change)

2. 부터

 공연은 오후 3시부터 시작해요.
This show will start from 3 in the afternoon.

너부터 하자.
Let’s start from you.

3. 에게서

 소문은 친구들에게서 들었어요.
I heard that rumor from my friends.

나는 엄마에게서 피아노를 배웠어.
I learned piano from mom.

4. /

부산 사투리는 표준어와 어떻게 달라요?
How different is Busan dialect from standard language?

우리 쌍둥이이지만 걔가 나와 달라.
We are twins but he is different from me.