How to Count Things in Korean

I guess you are already aware of the fact that Korean has the so-called counting units when counting (of course) things and people. There are tons of them unfortunately and it’s a hassle to memorize them all. That’s why many Korean language learners settle on using ‘’ which, though understandable, is not right all the time. So take a look at this short list of counting units and speak Korean like you never did before.

 is the counting unit for clothes as in 셔츠  교복  , and 드레스  .

선물로 드레스  벌을 받았다.
I got a dress for a gift.

켤레 is the counting unit for sock and shoes as in 양말 다섯 컬레 and 신발  컬레.  

신발  컬레가 필요한데?
How many pairs of shoes do you need?

 is the counting unit for a glass of drink as in 소주   (a popular ballad song), 우유  , and 쥬스 다섯 .

소주   하자!
Let’s have a glass of soju!

 is the counting unit for a bottle of drink as in 콜라  맥주  , and   .

바닷가에서 맥주  병을 봤어.
I saw a bottle of beer at the beach.

 is the counting unit for paper, stamp, and postcard as in 종이  유표 아홉 , and 엽서 여섯 .

종이   주세요.
Please give me a piece of paper.

 is the counting unit for machines or riding stuff as in     , and 자전거 일곱 .

우리 가족은  3대만 있다니까.
I told you our family only has three cars.

 is the counting unit for books, notebooks, and the likes as in  일곱  and 공책  .

도서관에서   권을 빌렸어?
How many books did you borrow at the library?