Basic Conjunctions in Korean

Here's my first note about conjunctions. There are tons of them but we will only look into the basic ones we know. There's a slight difference between English and Korean conjunctions. For instance, the way we use "and" with nouns is different from the way we use "and" with verbs. More importantly, we will try to look into the various ways to say the same thing as well.


마야와 바로는 좋은 친구다.
마야랑 바로는 좋은 친구다.
마야하고 바로는 좋은 친구다.
Maya and Baro are good friends.

소설을 읽고 음악을 듣는 것이  취미다.
소설을 읽기와 음악을 듣기가  취미다.
소설을 읽는 것과 음악을 듣는 것이  취미다.
Reading novels and listening to music are my hobbies.

우리 오빠는 수학도 잘하고 영어도 잘해.
우리 오빠는 수학과 영어를 잘해.
My brother is good at both math and English.

내일 늦게 오지마그리고 중요한 서류를 가져와.
Don't be late tomorrow. And bring the necessary documents.


켄씨가 나이가 들었지만 강해 보여요.
켄씨가 나이가 들었는데 강해 보여요.
Ken is old, but he looks strong.

마리오가 한국인이 아니라 태국인이야.
Mario is not Korean, but Thai.

나는 하나에게 밥뿐만 아니라 돈도 줬어.
I did not only give food to Hana, but also cash.

아유는 귀여울뿐만 아니라 노래도  불러.
아이유는 귀여울뿐만 아니라 노래를  부르기도 해요.
IU is not only cute, but also sings well.

베트남에 여행가고 싶어요하지만  모자라요.
I want to travel to Vietnam. But I don't have enough money.


세일이라서 길이 막혀요.
It is sale so the traffic is heavy.

저는 피곤해서 일찍 퇴근했어요.
I am tired so I left work early.

 집이 무서워요그래서 다음 주에 이사할 거예요.
This house is creepy. So I am moving out next week.