Say in Korean: to think as a friend

Learn how to say to think as a friend in Korean. Here's a Korean drama dialogue with texts in both Korean and English. The script of each speaker is highlighted in two different colors and the lines are split up for easy understanding of the sentence structure and grammar.

SCENARIO: I know the fact that best friend Yejun has a crush on Eunji and I think she feels the same way too. They remain friends because Yejun is your ordinary Type A guy. Now here comes Jimin, bolder and much more confident. He is getting closer to Eunji each day and I have a feeling he might take her away in a snap. I told Eunji’s best friend, Yerim, about this.

예감이 안 좋은데.
I don’t feel good about this.

예준이한테 말해줄까?
Should l tell him Yejun?

예준이한테는 왜?
Why would you tell him that?

몰라서 묻냐?
Don't you really know?

예준이랑 은지랑 좋아하잖아.
Yejun and Eunji like each other.

에이 아냐. 은지는 그냥 친구처럼 생각하던데?
That's not true! As far as I know, Eunji thinks of him only as a friend.

*친구처럼 생각하다 means to think of someone only as a friend

바보야. 친구가 애인 되고
Idiot. A friend becomes a lover

애인이 마누라 되는 거야.
and a lover becomes a wife

두고 봐라.
Wait and see.