Say in Korean: I'm not hungry.

Learn how to say I’m not hungry in Korean. Here's a Korean drama dialogue with texts in both Korean and English. The script of each speaker is highlighted in two different colors and the lines are split up for easy understanding of the sentence structure and grammar.

SCENARIO: Mina called me to say that she would be late as she was going to do some overtime work. I told her if I could go help her, but she refused. Little did she know, I was in front of their office building. I bought some chicken so we could eat late snack together. But when I got there, she was with a guy, probably a co-worker, but it didn’t seem like they were working on something.

밥은 먹고 하는 거야?
Have you eaten already?

뭐야, 이거.
Wow! What is this?

우와. 이야. 이거 맛있겠다.
This looks really delicious.

*She grabbed a wing and fed the guy..

이거 먼저 하나 드세요!
Try it. You eat first.

손 씻었거든요.
My hands are clean, don’t worry.

이야, 맛있다. 너도 먹어라.
It's delicious. Have some too!

생각 없어, 난.
I'm not hungry.

정말? 어쨌든 잘 먹을게!
Are you sure? Anyway, thanks.

여기 이거 국물도 있네.
Oh, and there’s soup too!

바쁜 사람인 줄 알았는데 아닌가 보네.
I thought you were busy but I guess not.