Say in Korean: to get some fresh air

Learn how to say to get some fresh air in Korean. Here's a Korean drama dialogue with texts in both Korean and English. The script of each speaker is highlighted in two different colors and the lines are split up for easy understanding of the sentence structure and grammar.

SCENARIO: Kijoo had an argument with his mom regarding his marriage. He was about to tie the knot with someone he didn’t love. He ran away and took refuge at my little home. He had lots of thoughts going in his mind and I was worried what he would resort to doing. 

어디 갔다 오는 거야?
Where have you been?

전화는 왜 안 받아? 걱정 했잖아.
Why didn't you answer the phone? I was worried.

바람 좀 쐤어.
I got some fresh air.

*바람 쐬다 means to get some fresh air

여기는 뭐 바람 없냐?
There’s plenty of wind here!

혹시 내 얘기 엄마한테 말했어?
Did you tell my mom about me (being here)?

안 했어. 근데 언제까지 얘기 안 해야 되는 거야?
I didn’t. But until when should we keep it a secret?

그거야 니 맘이지.
That's for you to decide. 

나 여기 있는 거 싫으면 언제든 얘기해.
If you don't want me here, feel free to tell her.

그런 말이 어딨냐?
Do you really have to say that?

먼저 자라. 바람 좀 쐬다 들어갈게.
You go first. I just want to get some fresh air.

또? 여태 바람 쐬다 왔다매.
Again? Didn't you do that already?

여기 바람이 더 좋다.
The wind is better here.

하늘도... 여기 하늘이 더 좋으네.
And the sky. The sky is better here.