Say in Korean: to be close to someone

Learn how to say to be close to someone in Korean. Here's a Korean drama dialogue with texts in both Korean and English. The script of each speaker is highlighted in two different colors and the lines are split up for easy understanding of the sentence structure and grammar.

SCENARIO: I got a new math tutor who turns out to be my classmate Tae-oh’s father. After an hour lesson, he asks me about his son whom I don't get along with.

우리 태오가… 학교에선 어떤가?
By the way, how is Tae-oh at school?

태오하고 안 친합니다. 
I am not close to Tae-oh.

*00하고 친하다 means to be close to someone. You can also use (이)랑 in place of 하고. 안 is an adverb that negates the verb.

그래? 상혁이 놈 자네처럼 재능이 뛰어나진 않아도
Is that so? My son might not be as clever as you

어디 가서든 사람들에게 모나지 않게 잘 하는 편인데.
but he is a kind of person who treats everyone well wherever he goes.

태오를 많이 사랑하시나 보죠?
You must love him a lot.

그럼. 하나밖에 없는 아들인데.
Of course, he's my only son.

자기 아들을 자랑스러워하지 않는 아버지가 있을까?
There are no father who is not proud of their son.

우리 상혁이 내 아들이라서 하는 말이 아니라
l am not saying this because he's my son

진짜로 괜찮은 놈이라네. 
but he is a good boy. 

친구가 되면 좋을거야.
It would be nice if you get along.