Say in Korean: You can't fool me.

Learn how to say You can't fool me in Korean. Here's a Korean drama dialogue with texts in both Korean and English. The script of each speaker is highlighted in two different colors and the lines are split up for easy understanding of the sentence structure and grammar.

SCENARIO: I and my brother Seokjin had never had samgyupsal in a really long time, so I bought some for a sumptuous dinner. While I was preparing the food, he was on his phone the whole time flashing his sweetest smile. It looked like someone was giving him butterflies.

야 너 무슨 일 있니?
Did something happen?

기분 되게 좋아보인다.
You seem very happy. 

그냥 고길 먹으니까 힘이 나네.
I just feel energized because I am eating meat.

야. 너 난 못 속인다.
You can't fool me.

너 요새 연애하지?
You're dating someone, right?

이 자식. 누구야?
This punk. Who is she?

나중에 말해 줄게.
I'll tell you next time.