Say in Korean: to call someone (a name)

Learn how to say to call someone (a name) in Korean. Here's a Korean drama dialogue with texts in both Korean and English. The script of each speaker is highlighted in two different colors and the lines are split up for easy understanding of the sentence structure and grammar.

SCENARIO: My landlady kicked me out of the apartment for failing to pay my rent for three consecutive months. She didn't let me take my things. The only choice I have is to stay at my friend Yurim's house. Will she take me in?

어떻게 빤스도 한 장 안 갖고 나오냐!
How can you just come here with nothing but those pants!

주인 아줌마가 얼마나 무서운지 알어?
Do you know how scary my landlady is?

그 아줌만 무섭고 난 우습냐?
So she's scary and I'm not?

몇 일만 부탁하자, 유림아.
Just for a few days, Yurim.

좀 미쉘이라고 부르라니깐.
I told you to call me Michelle.

*00(이)라고 부르다 means to call someone (a name)

알았어. 미쉘아 부탁해.
Okay, fine. Michelle, please.