Say in Korean: Is it a big deal?

Learn how to say Is it a big deal? in Korean. Here's a Korean drama dialogue with texts in both Korean and English. The script of each speaker is highlighted in two different colors and the lines are split up for easy understanding of the sentence structure and grammar.

SCENARIO: I had been married for five years. It was an arranged one. It was a tough start but I learned to love her constantly. I was married to my job and my shortcomings as a husband must be too much for her to handle. One day, she came to Tokyo. She could have waited for a week, but she came all the way from Seoul to tell me she wanted a divorce.

나 너 많이 사랑했어.
I loved you a lot.

다시 생각해.
Think it over.

생각 끝났다고 했잖아.
I told you. I made up my mind.

이혼해. 이혼하고 친구하자.
Let's divorce and stay friends.

이유가 뭐야?
What is the reason?

당신 사랑할 줄 알아? 당신은 사랑 몰라.
Do you know how to love? You don't know love.

내가 아는 여자 너 하나 뿐이야.
You are the only woman I know.

누가 그러더라.
Someone told me before

자기에게 맡는 임자는 따로 있다고.
that everyone is meant for that one right person.

그 말 맞는 거 같애.
I think that was right.

우리가 서로에게 맞는 사람이었다면
If we were really meant for each other,

사랑해서 결혼했겠지.
we'd have gotten married because of love.

내가 뭐 어떻게 해야 돼?
What do l have to do?

그냥 살던 대로 살면 되는 거 아니야?
Can't we live just like the way did? 

사랑이 별거야?
Is love a big deal?

*You can replace 사랑 with any word. The expression 별거야 itself means big deal.

별거야. 난 그래.
To me it is. 

각자 임자 만나서 잘 살자. 이혼하자.
Let's find the right person and live well. Let's divorce.