Say in Korean: It's already late.

Learn how to say It's already late in Korean. Here's a Korean drama dialogue with texts in both Korean and English. The script of each speaker is highlighted in two different colors and the lines are split up for easy understanding of the sentence structure and grammar.

SCENARIO: I went clubbing with my friends tonight and they all left me behind. Apparently, their boyfriends had picked them up as we were too drunk to go home by ourselves. I've been single all my life. A little later, a guy came up and told me off for drinking too much. I couldn't see his face clearly, but he sounded like he knows me very well. I got on his motorcycle and dozed off on his back without even telling him where I live.

정말 우리 집 어떻게 알았어요?
How did you know my house?

기억력이 꽝이구나? 차 한잔 주라?
Your memory must be void! Give me a cup of tea, okay?

아니 아니. 이봐요! 어딜 가요?
Hey, wait! Where do you think you are going?

오토바이타면 얼마나 목 마른 줄 아냐? 
Don't you know how riding a motorcycle makes me thirsty?

저기. 시각이 야심한데요?
Wait. It's already late.

누가 뭐 어쩐대?
So who cares?

아 저기 방도 지저분하고요.
Well, my room is quite messy too.

내방은 쓰레기장인데 뭐. 몇 층이야?
My room is even a dump site. Which floor?