Korean Vocabulary: 낭만이 넘치다

It is not enough to learn Korean grammar and sentence patterns. Without enough vocabulary, we cannot form sentences. It is also important to learn phrases and collocations instead of just words as Korean is rich in vocabulary influenced by culture and entirely different from that of our native language. It can help us sound more natural and sensible when speaking Korean. Here are five of them with sample sentences in Korean and English.

돈 나다
to acquire some money

돈이 어디서 났소?
Where did you get that money?

낭만이 넘치다
To be very romantic

낭만이 넘치네.
This is so romantic.

사람 넘기다
to hand over a person

그 사람 넘기기 전에 ‎확실히 돈부터 입금이 돼야.
We need to get the money before we hand him over!

To jump off from somewhere

뛰어내리려고 한 적도 있었거든?
So I thought about jumping off the train.

00 생각 들다
to come up with an idea

갑자기 그런 생각이 들어요.
I suddenly had that thought.