Korean Vocabulary: 사람 설레다

It is not enough to learn Korean grammar and sentence patterns. Without enough vocabulary, we cannot form sentences. It is also important to learn phrases and collocations instead of just words as Korean is rich in vocabulary influenced by culture and entirely different from that of our native language. It can help us sound more natural and sensible when speaking Korean. Here are five of them with sample sentences in Korean and English.

사람 설레다
to make someone's heart  flutter

딱 사람 설레게 해봤어?
Have you ever made someone's heart flutter?

옆을 보다
to look sideways

운전할 땐 ‎옆도 봐야 하는 거 아닌가?
Don't you have to look sideways a little when you drive?

to be rough

이곳 길은 평양과 달리 험하기도 하고.The 
The roads here are rough unlike in Pyongyang.

to cooperate

협조해 주세요.
Please cooperate.

머리를 묶다
to tie the hair

머리는 좀 묶으라.
Tie up your hair.