Korean Vocabulary: 상심이 크다

It is not enough to learn Korean grammar and sentence patterns. Without enough vocabulary, we cannot form sentences. It is also important to learn phrases and collocations instead of just words as Korean is rich in vocabulary influenced by culture and entirely different from that of our native language. It can help us sound more natural and sensible when speaking Korean. Here are five of them with sample sentences in Korean and English.

to drop by somewhere

아닙니다, 잠깐 들르는 겁니다.
No, I'm just dropping by.

to be cold (personality)

정혁이가 무뚝뚝한 거 같아도 ‎이런 진실된 남자가 없어.
Jeong Hyeok may look cold, but he's sincerer than any other man.

부담 갖다
to feel burdened

우린 보통 이 시간에 밥을 먹으니 ‎부담 갖지 말고 들어오라.
We usually have dinner at this hour. It's okay. Come on in.

to chew

이거나 씹으면서 아가리 닥치고 있으라.
Chew on this and keep your mouth shut.

상심이 크다
to feel greatly heartbroken

얼마나 상심이 큽니까?
You must be heartbroken.