Korean Vocabulary: 밥 벌어먹다

It is not enough to learn Korean grammar and sentence patterns. Without enough vocabulary, we cannot form sentences. It is also important to learn phrases and collocations instead of just words as Korean is rich in vocabulary influenced by culture and entirely different from that of our native language. It can help us sound more natural and sensible when speaking Korean. Here are five of them with sample sentences in Korean and English.

출발 시키다
to tell someone to go

호스도 안 뽑고 출발시키면 어떡해!
How could you let her go without pulling the hose first.

밥 벌어먹다
to make a living

너 같은 성격으론 서울에선 밥 벌어먹기 힘들다고.
He said that it will be hard for someone like me to make a living in Seoul.

to express one’s feeling

취직했으면 소감 한마디 해야지.
You should say something since you were hired.

시간 많이 남다
to have a lot of time left

아직 시간 많이 남았잖아.
There is still a lot of time left.

만들어 외우다
to make something and memorize it

이거 노래를 만들어 외우면 되게 쉬워.
This is easy to memorize if we make a song with this.