Korean Vocabulary: 나이가 어리다

It is not enough to learn Korean grammar and sentence patterns. Without enough vocabulary, we cannot form sentences. It is also important to learn phrases and collocations instead of just words as Korean is rich in vocabulary influenced by culture and entirely different from that of our native language. It can help us sound more natural and sensible when speaking Korean. Here are five of them with sample sentences in Korean and English.

나이가 어리다
to be young (age)

나이가 어려 보이네? 몇 살이지?
You seem young. How old are you?

일자리 구하다
to find a job

일자리 구할려면 어떻게 알아봐야 되는지 혹시 아세요?
Do you know how I could find a place to work?

연락처 남기다
to leave one’s contact information

남산에 여기 연락처 좀 남겨도 되요?
Can I leave the contact information of this place at Namsan?

00로 밀다
to push with something

남의 얼굴을 발로 밀고 그래?
Why are you pushing someone’s face with your foot?

to go sightseeing

서울대 교문도 구경해본적 없는데.
I haven’t seen the gates of Seoul University.