Verb + 고 어디

Let’s take a look at the pattern Verb + 어디. 어디 means where and it is followed by the verb 가다 at the end. 어디 가요 means where are you going(?). In here, it is preceded by a verb in negative form with the help of the conjunction (and). You use this when someone leaves when he hasn’t finished what he is supposed to do. For example, you are the leader of today’s cleaners and while everyone is busy cleaning, you caught two trying to sneak out. So you call their attention and ask them where they are going when they aren’t done yet.

너희들 청소 검사 받고 어디 ?
Hey you guys, where are you going? I haven’t checked your work yet (whether you area of responsibility is clean enough).

먹고 어디 ?
Where are you going? You haven’t eaten breakfast yet.

계산 하고 어디 ?
Hey, you haven’t paid for the groceries yet. Why are you leaving?

내고 어디 ?
Where are you going? You haven’t paid yet.