Verb + 게 했다

Let’s take a look at the pattern Verb + 했다. You can use this to express what someone forced you to do especially when it is against your will. Simply add – 했다 to the stem of the verb. Conjugate 했다 into 했습니다, 했어요, or 했어 depending on who you are talking to.

한병태와 싸우게 했어요.
He forced me to fight Han Byung-Tae.

그리고 다른 애들한테는 치마를 들추게 했구요.
And to other kids, he forced them to raise the skirts too.

1 여자애 팔을 붙들게 했어요.
He asked me to hold a girls arm in class 1.

점심시간마다 과일을 갖고오게 했어요.
He asked me to bring fruits for his lunch times.

모텔에 친구랑 들어가게 했어요.
He forced to go insid the motel with her.