Word Bank: 사내답게 굴다

공부를 봐주다 to help someone with his studies
일전에 영달이한테 부탁해서 우리 병준이 공부를 주라고 했어요.
We asked Yeong-dal before to help Byeong-jun with his studies.

몸살 나다 to feel pain all over the body
아마 몸살이 났나 봐요.
My whole body aches.

나눠 먹다 to eat something together
같이 나눠 먹어라.
Make sure you eat it together.

불쌍하다 to feel sorry for someone
나는 어떡하든지 괜찮지만 우리 할머니가 불쌍해.
I don't care what happens to me, but I feel sorry for my grandmother.

끼다 to be tight
발에 맞지 않니? 끼진 않아?
They feel all right? They're not too tight?

아침 먹다 to have breakfast
너 아침 좀 먹었니?
Did you have breakfast?

나다 to get sick
할머니 병 나면 난 싫어.
I don't like it when you get sick.

우체부 a postman
우체부가 우리 집엔 갔어.
The postman didn't stop by our house

사내답게 굴다 to act like a man
넌 사내답게 굴어.
Why don't you act like a man?

칭찬 받다 to get complimented
선생님께 칭찬 받고 싶으니까 여러 가지를 하는 거야.
Did you see how hard she tried to get the teacher to notice her?