Word Bank: 팔을 붙들다

따다 주다 to get water for someone
오늘 니가 급장 물 당번이야. 빨리 급장 물 떠다 줘.
Hey, you're in charge of water for class leader today. Get his water now.

일등 number one
요즘엔 나쁜 짓은 죄다 니가 일등이구나.
You seem to be number 1 for all the bad things recently.

꿇어앉다 to kneel down
꿇어앉어! 끓어앉고 손들어!
On your knees. Kneel down and raise your hands.

무기명으로 anonymously
누가 자기를 괴롭히는 등을 무기명으로 적어 넣는 겁니다.
Writing down people's name who's  bullying, anonymously.

자리 an empty seat
저기 빈자리에 가서 앉아라.
You can go sit at the empty seat there.

닭싸움 a cockfight
자식이 돈내기로 닭싸움을 하자 그랬어요.
He asked me to bet money on doing a cockfight with him.

팔을 붙들다 to cross arms with someone
1 여자애 팔을 붙들게 했어요.
He asked me to hold a girls arm in class 1.

00한테 맡기다 to leave the work for someone
반을 다시 민준에게 맡길 수밖에 없어. 
And I have no choice but to leave it to Seok- dae again.

충고하다 to give an advice
엄마니까 미리 충고는 할게 피임은 해.
But as your mom, I'll tell you this. Use birth control.

어마어마하다 to be very
크기가 정말 어마어마해.
It was really tall.