Word Bank: 수수께끼를 풀다

훔쳐 오다 to steal something and bring it
이 자식, 누나 속옷을 몰래 훔쳐 오라고 했어요. That guy asked me to steal my sister's underwear.

변소 청소 toilet cleaning
돈을 내면 변소 청소를 해도 된댔어요.
There were friends who didn't do toilet cleaning by paying him.

압수하다 to seize or confiscate
쇠다마도 압수했습니다.
He seized my metal marbles.

엎드리다 to lie down (as in a punishment)
이리 나와. 엎드려!
Come out! Lie down.

수수께끼를 풀다 to solve a riddle
나는 오늘 수수께끼를 풀어야겠어.
I need to solve this riddle today.

집어넣다 to put away something
모두 책 집어넣어.
Everyone put away your books.

양심에 어긋나다 to go against one’s conscience
그럼 각자 양심에 어긋나는 행동은 하지 않기다.
Then don't do anything that goes against your conscience.

문제가 생기다 to arise (problem)
근데 왜요? 문제라도 생겼어요?
Is there anything wrong?

각자 each/separately
지금부터는 각자 공책에 풀어 봐!
Try to solve them for yourselves on your notes.

찍다 to vote for someone
2명을 제외하곤 나머지 모두가 걔를 찍었더라구요.
And everyone except 2 voted for him.