Word Bank: 잘못을 덮어주다

늘다 to increase in number
그나저나 요번 달에는 수강생이 좀 늘었니?
Anyways, are you getting more students this month?

회사 그만두다 to quit work
회사 그만둔다 그랬을 너희 집사람 우리 와서
When you were trying to quit your job, your wife came to my house…

전학을 가다 to transfer to another school
한 작은 시골 국민학교로 전학을 가게 되었다.
And transferred to a small school in the country side.

00 같이 행동하다 to act like someone
걔가 꼭 선생님같이 행동해요.
He acts as if he was the teacher.

건의함 a suggestion box
제가 다니던 서울 학교에서는 건의함이 있었습니다.
There was a suggestion box at the school I went in Seoul.

00 올리다 to put something on top of something
머리에 손 올려!
Hands up your head.

00 뺏기다 to be taken away by someone (transitive)
너 라이터 뺏겼지?
He took your lighter right?

잘못을 덮어주다 to cover up one’s mistakes
급우의 잘못을 알고도 덮어 주는 나쁜 거야.
Hiding your friends fraud is a bad behavior.

사회 시간 a social class
사회 시간 아니야?
Isn't it social class now?

반대하다 to disagree
그럼 반대하는 사람?
Then who disagrees?