Word Bank: 운동장으로 집합하다

퇴학이다 to be kicked out of school
너는 이제 퇴학이야!
You're going to be kicked out of school now.

00 찬성하다 to agree with
한병태 어린이의 말에 찬성하는 사람 손들어 주십시오.
Put your hands up if you agree to Han Byung Tae.

00으로 집합하다 to gather somewhere
체육 시간이야 운동장으로 집합해!
It's PE class. Gather at the schoolyard!

말이 틀리다 to be wrong (one what one said)
내 말이 틀렸어? 그리고 넌 왜 계란을 갖다 주니?
Am I wrong? And why are you giving him that egg?

당번 in-charge of something (e.g. house cleaning, water fetching)
오늘은 니가 당번이야.
It's your duty today.

꼬봉 one’s underlings
여기는 모두 급장 꼬봉이야.
But here, everyone seems to be underlings of the class leader.

00 똑같다 to be the same
서울 학교에서는 급장이랑 애들이랑 똑같았는데 
At the school in Seoul, the leader and the classmates were equal.

화가 나다 to get mad
근데 니가 화가 나니
 Oh, but what's making you mad?

직원 one’s co-worker/colleague
직원들이 하두 성화라서 할 수 없이 한잔 했지.
My colleagues were all on me. And I couldn't stop.

약주를 하다 to drink beer
무슨 약주를 이렇게 많이 하셨어요?
Why did you drink so much?