Word Bank: 눈알 굴리다

통솔력 있다 to have good leadership skills
공부 제일 잘하고 통솔력 있고.
He's the smartest and has good leadership.

00 꼬시다 to temp/convince people to do something
너 애들 꼬셔서 극장까지 갔었다면서?
You even went to the theatre with couple friends.

막다 to block something like holes
그것 좀 막아 주세요.
Can you block that please?

뺏다 to take away something from someone
급장이 윤병조 라이터를 뺏었어요.
Well the class leader took away Byung- jo's lighter.

아니다 to be not a big deal/special
서울 애들 별거 아니다.
Seoul kids are not that great.

눈알 굴리다/돌리다 to look around (to move the eyes rapidly around)
눈알 돌리지 마!
Hey, don't look around.

뒷문 a back door
뒷문으로 다니지 말랬잖아.
I told you not to use the back door.

부러지다 to break
이거 부러지는 연필이잖아.
These are pencils that don't break.

지각하다 to be late/tardy
지각만 안 했어도 갈 수 있었어...
I could have went if I wasn't late..

떠들다 to make noises
공부 시간에 떠들고, 지각도 하고.
Because we were making noises at class, and was also late.