Verb + 필요가 뭐가

Let’s take a look at the pattern Verb + 필요가 뭐가. This is obviously a question type of sentence and it is used when the speaker can’t find the point in doing something- that there is no need to do such a thing because he believes or thinks so. The speaker is in defiant of someone’s order or suggestion. For example, you decided not to go to school anymore as you are earning a huge income as a YouTuber. You have an eating show channel that garner millions of views a day. Your mom wants you to go to school and get proper education, but you don’t see that as an essential investment. You would rather make videos than waste time in school which you don’t find fascinating at all. To complete the pattern, conjugate the verb into its () form and add 있다 in question form after 뭐가. It literally means is there any need to do such thing?

굳이 말할 필요가 뭐가 있냐?
What is the point in telling you?

필요가 뭐가 있어?
What’s the point in going there?

사과할 필요가 뭐가 있는데?
What’s the point in saying sorry?

학교 필요가 뭐가 있냐고?
I said what’s the point in going to school?

과외 받을 필요가 뭐가 있어요?
There is no point in getting a tutor.