Word Bank: 엿을 먹이다

핸드크림 바르다 to apply handcream
괜찮아 하진 씨가 날마다 핸드크림 발라주니까.
It's okay. You put on hand cream for me every day.

손이 거칠어지다 to get tough (hands) due to work
일 많아지면 손 더 거칠어지겠네.
Your hands will get rougher with more work.

엿을 먹이다 to get back at someone/mess someone’s life
그 자식한테 엿을 먹이고 싶기는 해.
Yes, I want to get back at him.

독하다 to be evil
진짜 여자들 독하다 독해.
Wow, women are just pure evil. Evil.

시집 가다 to get married
네가 준 돈으로 나 시집간다!
I'm using the money you paid me to get married!

신경 쓰다 to mind about something
하진 씨가 신경 쓰이니까 그렇지.
It's because Hajin won't like it.

00한테 마음 남다 to still have feelings for someone
뭐 강태하한테 마음 남은 건 아니잖아.
It's not like you still have feelings for him.

빚이 줄다 to not decrease (debt)
빚은 도대체가 갚아도 갚아도 줄어.
This debt never gets any less.

포함이다 to include
공방 차릴 빌린 포함이야.
It includes the money you borrowed when you opened the shop.

계좌 a bank account
내 계좌에 돈이 없었나?
Do I have no money in my account?