Word Bank: 말이 맞다

속아주다 to fool oneself for someone
하진 씨가 좋아하니까 감고 속아주는 척하겠지.
He's pretending to be fooled because he likes me.

혼내다 to scold someone
아무튼 내가 아주 엄청 혼내줬다고 그거, ?
Anyway, I gave her a good scolding.

말이 맞다 to be right (what someone has said)
솔이 말이 맞았어. Sol was right.

받아들이다 to accept the fact that
설명할 없어 나도 받아들이기 힘들고.
I can't explain. It's difficult for me to accept, too.

다물다 to shut one’s mouth
다물고 있어.
Be quiet.

촛불 불다 to blow the candle
불어 불어 불어.
Blow it out! Blow it out!

기일 death anniversary
작년에 아버님 기일에도 그랬잖아.
Remember what happened on the anniversary of her father's death last year?

뻗다 to pass out
어디서 마시고 뻗은 같아.
She probably drank and passed out.

병균 있다 to have germs
병균 있을지도 모르는데 그렇게 만져도 ?
It may be diseased. Don't touch it.

안다 to hug/wrap around one’s arms
한번 안아  엄청 부드럽고 따뜻해.
Hold it. It's very soft.


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