Verb + 생각은 없나 보네

Let’s take a look at the pattern Verb + 생각은 없나 보네. We learned before that when 생각 is modified by the form of the verb, it talks about one’s intention to do something in the future. The verb at the end is 있다. If it’s the other way around, 없다 is used. In here, you are expecting someone to take some action due to some circumstances, but then it is becoming clear to you that he has no intention at all and you are surprised by that. For example, a friend came to you for nth time to talk about her cheating boyfriend. You are convinced that he is not the perfect guy for her. Obviously, she should dump him already. The next week, you two met again only to hear their plans for the holidays. Like what? Aren't you breaking up with him? It literally means Oh it seems like you still won’t do it eh?

헤어질 생각은 없나 보네?
You don't want to break up with him?

사과할 생각은 없나 보네?
It looks like you are not going to apologize to him.

돌아올 생각은 없나 보네?
Looks like you don’t want to come back eh?