Verb + 보라고

Let’s take a look at the pattern Verb + 보라고. It is kind of funny and silly expression you can use when you feel like someone is intentionally doing something so you would see it and be affected with it. For example, your sister and her boyfriend had a fight last night.  That boyfriend is a close friend of yours too. This morning during breakfast, you notice that she is not wearing her engagement ring anymore. You feel like she is doing that to show you, so you would tell your friend about it. You can add the word 일부러 before 보라고 and the verb at the end can be anything in past tense form. Someone does something with the purpose of showing you. The intention is clear to the other person.

진짜 너 반지 일부러 나 보라고 뺐지?
Gosh! You took off your ring so I'd see it.

셀카 보라고 올렸지?
Ha, you uploaded that photo of yours to show me your eyephone.
(she took a photo at the mirror which shows the brand of phone she is using)

사진 일부러 보라고 보냈지?
You sent this picture to me so I’d it.
(that you have a new boyfriend)

진짜 문을 보라고 열였지?
Ha, you opened the door so I’d see what you two are doing, right?