Verb + 까 봐/안

Let’s take a look at the pattern Verb + 까 봐/안. We have learned about – before as an expression of fear. Your worry or fear that something you don’t want to happen… might eventually happen. In here, we add any verb after – in its negative form. You can use either or – 않다. You use this to express that you don’t do something for fear that something might happen to you. For example, one might ask why you are still single. Then you can say you are afraid you might meet the wrong person. When someone tells you in detail how horrible her relationship is with her boyfriend, then you can say that’s why you are not dating anyone for fear of meeting the wrong person.

내가 너 같은 여자 만날까 봐 연애를 안 하는 거야.
I don't date for fear I'd meet someone like you.

내가 차일까 고백 해요.
I don’t confess my feelings for fear of being dumped.

내가 실망할까 기대 해요.
I don’t expect from anyone for fear of being disappointed.

친구가 속상할까 그런 얘기 해요.
I don’t talk to him about it for fear that he might get upset.