안 + Verb + 게 해주다

Let’s take a look at the pattern 안 + Verb + 게 해주세요. We use this to ask a favour to someone to not let something happen as if he has the power to prevent it. For example, you are attending a party and you found out that your ex is coming too. You want to avoid him at all cost so you ask your friend (who is holding the party) to not let him come despite having been invited. So you say 못 오게 해줘. The word 안 negates the verb, but 못 can also be used. –게 해주다 is then attached to the verb stem. You may use the different form of 주다: 주세요 (formal/polite), 줘요 (polite), and 줘 (casual).

걸리게 해주세요.
Please don’t get us caught.

오게 해줘.
Don’t let him come.

들어오게 해주세요.
Please do something so she can’t get inside.

시험 보게 해줘.
Please don’t let her take the test.

팀을 이기게 해줘.
Please don’t let them win.