Verb + 도 소용

Let’s take a look at the pattern Verb + 도 소용. Do you know the expression 소용 없어? It means that something is useless and this pattern carries a similar nuance. We attach 도 to the 아/어/여 form of the verb to say that doing something is useless or there is no point in doing something. Literally, even if you do something, it’s useless.

유형이 가지라서 베껴도 소용 없어.
There are two sets of test papers. There is no point in cheating.

지하철 타도 소용 없어.
There is no point in taking the subway.
(I will still be late)

치료를 받아도 소용 없어요.
There is no point in getting a treatment.
(my illness has no cure)

사과해도 소용 없어.
 Even if you apologize, nothing will happen.
(she is known for taking grudges)

우산을 써도 돼요.
It’s useless to use an umbrella.
(the wind is too strong)