Noun + 놀리다

Let’s take a look at the pattern Noun +놀리다. The verb 놀리다 means to tease or make fun of someone. You can use this to tell how someone is teased or made fun of with emphasis on the (derogatory or funny) term that people used to call him or her. Just attach 라고 or 이라고 after the noun. The mood and tense of the sentence is determined in the verb 놀리다.

학생들이 짠돌이라고 놀리잖아.
They tease you at school that you are a scrooge.
(that’s why I bought you new clothes)

애들이 고자라고 놀려요.
My classmates say that I am a goja.
(someone whose private part has been castrated)

사람들이 노안이라고 놀리거든.
People make fun of me and say I look old.
(that’s why I bought these cosmetic stuff)

겁쟁이라고 놀려서요.
Because they call me coward.

남자들이 (걔를) 개구리라고 놀렸기 자살했어요.
She killed himself after being bullied and called a frog by boys in school.