Verb + 어쩌려고?

Let’s take a look at the pattern Verb + 어쩌려고(?). It is used as a response to someone who offers to do something (with you) that is dangerous or risky. So you ask what are you going to do if worse comes to worst. For example, a friend made a deal to pay you a hundred dollars if you let him copy during the exam. That is surely risky so before you make the decision to agree or not, you ask how safe it is so you won’t get caught- to know what he has in mind in case it happens. To complete the pattern, simply attach (으)면 to the stem of the verb to express what-if-it-happens part.

선생님한테 걸리면 어쩌려고?
What if the teacher finds out?

우리 남편이 들키면 어쩌려고?
What if my husband caught us?

고장 나면 어쩌려고?
What if it breaks down?

AIDS 걸리면 어쩌려고?
What if I get AIDS?
(if I fuck some random girls in here)

이기면 어쩌려고?
What if you lose?
(how can you pay the money that you are going to borrow?)