Noun + 로 보여

Let’s take a look at the pattern Noun + 보여. 보이다 is the passive form of 보다 and it is used when we see something involuntarily or unintentionally. 보다 is more of I look at you while 네가 보여 is more of I see you (because you are in front of me). You can use this when you are obsessed about somebody and all you see is him or everybody looks like him. When you are hungry and you crave for sushi that everything you see looks like sushi. This may not be very common in daily conversation but it would be great to make people laugh with this silly expression. To complete this, add or 으로 to that person or thing that dominates your sight.

지나가는 남자들이 최은규로 보여.
Every guy I see looks like him (Choi Eun gyu)

모든 치킨으로 보여.
Everything looks like chicken.

여기 있는 여자들이 오나미로 보여.
Every woman in here looks like Oh Na Mi.

대박 이게 돈으로 보여.
Wow, they all look like money.

애들이 원숭이로 보야.
They look like monkey to me.