Noun + 몇 없다

Let’s take a look at the pattern Noun + 없다. is often used in questions to ask how much or how many. When used in a plain statement just like this one, it means a few or a couple of something. And since the verb that follows is 없다 which means to not have, it means that the noun before is are, not a lot, or not many. We use this to tell someone to value not take someone for granted as a person like that someone is rare to find.

그런 애들 몇 없다.
There aren't many guys like that.

그런 친구는 없어요.
There aren’t many friends like that.

용재만큼 착한 남자는 없거든.
Guys like Yongjae are rare to find.

현서처럼 예의 바른 애들은 없다.
Girls are polite as Hyunseo are rare.

그런 엄마는 진짜 없다니까.
I am telling there aren’t many moms like yours.