Verb + 자고/찾다

Let’s take a look at the pattern Verb + 자고/찾다. The verb 찾다 means to find or look for and 찾아오다 emphasizes that someone came to look for someone. Sometimes, we look for someone to ask them to do something with us. For example, a friend of yours from another class came to see you and your another common friend. He propose to you guys to go to the internet cafe later, but you weren’t there that time. When you came back, the common friend told you that your friend came to ask you to play at the internet cafe later. His actual words were 나중에 피시 가자. Your actual friend should relay that to you. Attach –자고  to the proposition made (let’s do something) and attach 찾아오다 at the end which determines the tense and mood of the sentence.

같이 일하자고 공방에 찾아왔더라?
He came to the shop asking us to work together.

서현이가 나중에 피시 가자고 여기에 찾아왔어.
Seohyeun came (to look for us) here asking us to go to the internet later.

예지가 회를 먹자고 찾아왔어.
Yeji came asking us to eat sushi.

블랙핑크 콘서트에 가자고 우리 집에 왔어.
She came here (our house) asking us to go the BlackPink concert.

테니스를 치자고 방금 찾아왔거든.
He came us to ask awhile ago to play tennis with him.