Word Bank: 틈이 있다

안경을 벗다  to take off the eyeglasses 
교수님께서 안경을 벗어서 닦으셨어.
He took off his glasses and rubbed them.

열정 passion
책에 대한 우리 아빠의 열정은 평생 동안 게속되었어요.
His passion for books continued throughout his life.

인내심을 가지다 to be patient
인내심을 가져.
Be patient.

틈이 있다 to have a gap
발이 빠지지 않게 조심하세요. 틈이 있거든요.
Watch your step. There is a gap.

엉망이 되다 to become a mess
낮잠을 잤더니 엉망이 됐네.
It (my hair) becomes a mess after the nap.

머리를 정리하다 to fix one’s hair
머리 정리해야겠어.
I have to fix my hair.

퇴원하다 to be discharged from hospital
퇴원할 나한테 그랬잖아요.
You told me that when you got discharged.

내려놓다 to put something someone is holding down
이거 먼저 내려놓고 다음에 얘기해요.
Put that down first and then talk.

나다 to be a big problem/be in trouble
왕족이었으면 났지.
It would be a big problem if we were born to a Royal Family.

불가능하다 to be impossible
불가능한 일이겠죠.
That would be impossible.