Number + 중의 하나

Let’s take a look at the pattern Number + 중의 하나. First of all, you have to be knowledgeable of Pure-Korean numbers which are 하나, , , and so on. The word means between or among depending on the number of choices. Hence, 하나 is an exception but we use it after 중의 to say that one between the two or one among many. In English, we say something like one of them (when the antecedent is clear) or one of the five (boys, girls, people, etc). Here are some examples.

중의 하나는 분명히 있을 같아.
One of them (two people) is here.

중의 하나는 미국 남자야.
One of them (three people) is American.

다섯 중의 하나는 한국말 알아.
One of them (five people) knows Korean.

중의 하나는 정답이야.
One of the four (choices) is the right answer.

여섯 중의 하나를 골라 .
Choose one out of the six (choices).