Verb + 건가?

Let’s take a look at the pattern Verb + 건가. This is a form of a question you can use to make a guess about something based solely on your perception. It is mostly used when you are asking yourself (self-talk) but it can also be used when you are with someone else. But the question is more directed towards you. For instance, you are at the red light district when you see a college friend at a distance looking really gorgeous and sexy. You are not really close so you don’t know what she does at night. But based on your perception, you think she is working as a hostess or something so you ask yourself 여기서 일하는 건가? (Is she working here?) But you could be wrong. The verb stem must be conjugated into its / form and add 건가.

살이 빠지신 건가?
Has she lost some weight?

둘이 싸우는 건가?
Are they fighting?

받지? 아직도 자는 건가?
Why isn’t he answering the phone? Is he still sleeping?

이렇게 오지? 길을 잃어버린 건가?
Why is she so late? Has she gotten lost somewhere?

여기서 일하는 건가?
Is she working here?