Verb + 길 잘했다

We say 잘했어 to compliment someone for a job well done or for doing something really well. In this pattern, we are complimenting ourselves or other people for doing something that later on turns out to be a good decision. You did something in the past out of choice and you are clueless what’s going to happen in the near future. You just realized it was a job well done coming up with that decision as it puts you in a good position or you got away from a potential misery. Simply attach 잘했다 to the stem of the verb.

그때 헤어지길 잘했지.
Thank goodness we broke up back then.
(if we didn’t, I wouldn’t be what I am now)

나오길 잘했어.
Thank goodness I went out.
(If I didn’t, I would be stuck in that building with those people)

탈락하길 잘했어.
Thank goodness you got eliminated (from that survival program).
(the new group is a big flop)

그만두길 잘했죠.
I made the right decision to quit that job.
(later on the company went bankrupt)

가길 잘했네.
Wow, thank goodness I didn’t go with them.