Verb + 오래 됐다

You can use this pattern to express that you haven’t done something for a long time. In English, we say something like it’s been ages since I last did something. You can also use intensifiers like 굉장히, 정말, , etc. Since we are talking about an action in the past, we attach – or – to the verbs stem and add . Take note of the space between them.

핸드폰 없이 보낸 굉장히 오래 됐네요.
It’s been ages since I paid without a phone.

팝콘 먹어본 오래 됐네.
It’s been ages since I ate popcorn.

인도 영화 정말 오래 됐어요.
It’s been ages since I watched a Hindi movie.

젓가락을 진짜 오래 됐어요.
 It’s been ages since I used chopsticks.

소주 마시는 오래 됐구나!
So it’s been ages since you drank soju.