Learn Korean: WH + 대?

Let's take a look at the Korean sentence pattern WH + 대(?). We use this to ask someone about another person's response to a question. Basically, A is asking B about C's answer. For example, there is a girl I like and I want to give her a secret gift on her birthday. I want to know what she wants exactly, but I have no courage to ask her in person. So I ask help from a common friend. My friend takes the mission and ask her What do you (want to receive) on your birthday? I am so eager to know that even before he tells me, I ask right away. I say What did she say? or What did she say she wants to receive? The original question is 뭘 받고 싶어? We only repeat the question and replace the 아/어/여 part with 대(요). The actual sentence is 뭘 받고 싶대(요)?

왜 헤어졌대?
What did she say? Why did they break up?

누굴 좋아한대?
Who did she say she likes?

한국말 어떻게 배웠대?
How did she learn Korean? What did she say?